Between Two Points: Chapter 2
Between Two Points: Chapter 2 kylo x rey stories

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Chapter 2: Uppers and downers
Kylo in sick bay

Between Two Points: Chapter 2

The light blinding him was brilliant but cold. With a start he bolted upright looking and reaching forward expectantly.

A low grunt escaped him as he registered several painful sensations least of which was a new pang in his neck where a small bolt had no doubt administered a stimulant to rouse him.

As Kylo Ren’s vision adjusted he noticed the methodical scrutiny of General Armitage Hux beside him in the sick bay.

Hux’s eyes were a pallid shade of blue, the sort that reminded him of eyes touched by death. Clouded and bitter as they were the General’s gaze was powerful and probing.

Kylo removed the dart from his neck and realized as his knuckles brushed his jaw he was without his helm.

Trying to conceal his panic and gain the high ground he laid back turning his head away from Hux feigning indifference and exhaustion.

“Make this brief General” Kylo spoke evenly. “I’m in no mood to console you over the failure of Star-killer or strategize a next move.

You’ll have to work out your next planetary cataclysm on your own”. He knew banter and spite were familiar languages to them both, but kicking the zealous acolyte while he was down was a risk.

“You can find me in my ready room once these tin golums are finished with me” he added cautiously. The last thing he needed was Hux reporting to Snoke more defiant behavior.

“Very well, I grow weary of your foul mood” Hux sneered. “Feeling is flowing from you, see to it the droids staunch it along with your bleeding.

Supreme leader Snoke won’t take kindly to you polluting his focus. Not when there is so much for him to... contemplate”. He concludes with venom.

Once the doors snap together as the magnetic seal engages Kylo attempts to assess his mind. The reflection is short lived as whirring and a metallic clank gently sound from the left.

BB-9E is a black plated astromech droid that was standard issue at the inception of the First Order. Once the models were deemed obsolete they were all scrapped, all but Niney (Nine-EE).

Kylo had preferred the familiarity of a droid that knew his commands and needs and didn't require the recoding and instruction of the new models issued and reissued every other year.

Niney had served aboard Snoke’s personal ship Supremacy. Kylo had encountered the kriffing nuisance as a boy when the order had first taken him in.

She was sardonic in a way that reminded him of another boys home. Another life where wry japes and smirks spoke of affections.

Snoke had gifted him the equipment as a fledgling apprentice and permitted him to keep it after considering the logic of an indoctrinated droid for such a precarious master.

The poor ball of bolts had been the victim of his ire countless times when memories were too fond and he resented sparing her from decommission.

The grated panels Kylo modified around her spheric base made repairs easier.

Another metallic clank stirred him from thoughts. Niney’s red sensor blinked softly up at him like a tiny crimson beacon. Her angular sensor array shifted curiously to one side.

“I’m fine” Kylo grumbled. “Don’t panic you won’t be spare material for some new abomination of Hux’s anytime soon”. The red sensor dilated and narrowed.

“Really, you won’t be rid of me that easily!”. Satisfied with this answer the inky machine chirped and rolled away now that her anxieties were assuaged.

Without a moments thought of offering assistance and her purpose concluded she barreled through the doors.

A snap and the doors closed again. Standard med-droids inched forward around him continuing their ministrations as he hurled a length of bandages at the exit.

“You could have called for fresh clothes you useless bucket!” he bellowed after Niney. His blood was still coursing from the stimulant.

A machine cleaning his wounds ineffectively administered a numbing agent.

He couldn’t rightly move from the hip down on his left side, but the hole rent from the blaster acutely stung with sharp sensations.

At the edge of reason and control Kylo raised his hand and force-gripped the droid’s appendage, crushing and removing it.

The damaged creature retreated as he tossed the detached heap of metal against a wall and the other droids closed in.

Before his rage was more than rolling thunder in his chest another dart pierced his neck and he was greeted by darkness again.

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