Villainus: be prepared
Villainus: be prepared villianus stories

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The hyenas of the lion king get their turn.

Villainus: be prepared

Chapter 1: The girl

Hungry. Really hungry. I thought as I paced along the rock. My paws ached and I longed to sit down, to save the little energy I had left.

But I had to stand tall, so I was not caught unawares and found myself missing a scrawny leg. Us hyenas are so hungry. Hungry enough to eat each other.

But we wouldn't eat each other until one of us proved weak. The first one down is the first one gone. Misty had one leg.

She limped around for awhile, until Sarabi killed her and put her out of her misery. She didn't eat her though, because sense the loss of her leg, Misty had gotten really sick.

I didn't want the same fate. Ever sense Sarabi, the old queen of the hyenas, returned, the tribe had been thrown into confusion. Sarabi wanted back her throne form our new queen, Queen Arana.

Queen Arana didn't want to give up her throne, so Sarabi and her had been arguing.

Queen Arana had turned out to be a better queen than Sarabi, but now she was to busy dealing with her to worry about anything else. Sarabi walked over to me, glaring.

"What are you doing?" She hissed. I stopped walking in circles. "You look dumb if you do that. And weak. And edible." "Wait what?" I asked.

"Edible?" I tried to act dumb, because if I had said what I had wanted to, Sarabi would have my head. "Idiot. I said edible. As in 'I could eat you'.

Did 'Queen' Arana never teach you how to be smart? Well? Spots?" "Spots isn't her name Queen Sarabi. She has no name.

" Myran's glistening green eyes shimmered as she laughed at my misfortune. Myran was my worst enemy. "She isn't the queen Myran. Arana is." I lifted my head tall. Myran's eyes narrowed.

I couldn't see where Sarabi had gone. She was just gone. Myran took a step towards me. "Arana does not deserve to be queen. Sarabi does.

Sarabi was our queen! She teamed up with Scar to try and help us get food." "To try to get her food. No one else." I glared back at her. "Queen Sarabi was right. You are an idiot.

" Myran leaped at me, digging her claws into my fur. I scratched her underbelly with my back legs, and she leaped off.

"I might be an idiot, but I bet you've never fought anyone in your life!" I shot at her as I grabbed her fur and wrapped my faw around her neck. "Please." She whimpered. I gingerly let go.

A ring of cuts circled her neck, and her stomach was bleeding hard. Her fur was torn out in places, and she licked her bare skin slowly. Myran stood up and glared at me.

She turned around and walked away. "I'm glad that's over." I whispered to myself. "That was interesting." a voice cold and chilling echoed off the rocks.

I looked around, and soon I laid eyes on an odd creature sitting on a rock. It had two short legs and no fur. A long green mane rolled off its shoulders.

"What are you, and who are you?" I asked, jumping back. "I'm Rona. I'm a... well... I'm not from around here. I'm a human.

" She jumped off the rock and walked on two legs (which makes no sense) until she was just a few steps away. I was confused.

What was a human? "And what is your name, hyena?" She asked, placing a paw on my head. I growled. She removed it. "Okay, okay. Anyway, what is your name?" She asked again.

"I don't have one." I reluctantly told her. Her face twisted into one of concern. "Well you must have something everything calls you.

Even if it's nameless, you must be referred to as something." "They call me Spots." I mumbled. "What?" Rona asked. "Spots." I said louder. What does this concern her? I wondered.

"Why does it matter?" I voiced my thoughts. "Because you need help. You need food. You need someone to care for you. I can get those." She smiled.

Her voice was lullenly soft, and I wanted to do anything to help her for some odd reason. But I shook the thought from my head. "I'm not the only one who needs those things.

Everyone else here does too. And Scar promised the same thing. We did not get them." I growled, stepping away from her. She took a step towards me anyway.

"But I'm not Scar am I?" She whispered. And then, suddenly, it was as if my head filled with out fog, or I wasn't thinking for myself. I took a scrambled step backward before I froze.

I could almost see my mind heading right into her hand, as if she was controlling me.

"I'll help you, I promise. " I answered. Well, not me answered. It was as if I was just watching my body move on its own, my head full of fog.

But as I gained control myself , I couldn't take back what I said. I had just sworn myself to her in that promise, and I couldn't undo it.

Rona was not trustworthy, so I had to protect Queen Arana. But I wasn't sure what I was protecting her from. So I must protect her more.

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