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nikita I dont wanna lose hope in writing ...
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loaded with love and nostalgia...

2 am knows it all ...

It's been a stormy night in all respects... A tremendous storm is outside since 9 o' clock, the situation is not very different inside you...

Here you are, continuously trying to get to know her feelings for you but she seems to control them as well.

So you decide to play a game (actually, your friends work out everything & you are just the actor)

The scene is , You're going to act as if you are going abroad for ever and that too suddenly! They plan a very classical way to bring out her true emotions in a very filmy manner.

The entire day you've been acting and now it seems as if you'll really have to go somewhere because it doesn't look like she's a bit affected at all ???

And there you stalk about the room abusing your friends, yourself and all the same thinking what to do next ?

When suddenly you want to just go out ( for god knows what reason ) .

So you go out & there you see her standing in the rain, but not raining, You clasp her & bring her in only for the following conversation-

"Please, don't go... I know that it's too late and you have to but.. please don't.. I can't bear the thought of your going away... please.." " I really, really love you.."

she continues" I can't live without you.." . And now she's all in tears, and you realize that she does have emotions, she does love you and that you've been so stupid as to do all this...

You clasp her even more tightly and tell her, "I'll never leave you alone. I'll not go anywhere, ever. I promise you.." BUT

Only then you realize that she's burning with fever. You force her to take medicine & she gives you a gift she'd got for you.. You open it and see a deodorant and a diary...

It is all about you and addressed to you.. It makes you feel really nostalgic..

You remember the first time you saw her, when you tried to express your feelings for her and she discouraged all your advances, of when your friends said she's very mean..

You remember all that and you remember today, her tears, her fear of losing you... her fear now as you try to get her some rest-

"No.. If I sleep you'll go... I won't sleep.."

And then you dismiss all her worries for once and all.. you kiss her & give her medicine and ask her to go to sleep.

As she finally sleeps soundly you remember, placing the pretty little diamond ring on her finger & kissing her and seeing her seeing her finally smile while sleeping...

You go ans finish sipping the coffee that has warmed by now from the warmth of love...

Warmth of Love is the Warmest.. and Sweet the Sweetest...

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