Why do you love me?
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nikaliaechoedepressed and suicidal
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This is part of a song I've written.

Why do you love me?

by Echoe

When I burn my bridge, you build it up again.

When I place a lock, you make a key.

I don't understand...why you love me.

I'm not beautiful, or extraordinary. I can't find it in any book or dictionary...why you love me.

I'd say, "look at her she's got it all." You'd say so what? Are you sure she's not what you want? You replied, no way. She's okay, but I'd pick you any day.

I said WHY?

You said, you're beautiful and smart, but most of all, I love your heart.

I said why do you lie to me?

You said I'm not lying. You don't see what I see.

You said, "you see a shell, I see a pearl. You say you hate yourself, but I love you girl."

And I said....

I love you too.

The end.

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