Shadow, Storm
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nikaliaechoeJust an akward and depressed Super Nova
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Shadow, Storm

by nikaliaechoe

It's dark outside.

The storm rages.

The rain floods Earth's surface.

The wind screams.

Trees bend and break.

But all is well where I am. Safe and alone.

Shadows dance on the wall.

They look like birds. Humming birds, swans...bats

Lightning cracks, thunder cackles.

Pitter patter. Tip tap. Howl and scream. Lighting cracks.

Trees bend, trees sway. Trees protest, then give way.

The storm, and the shadows, they dance. They twirl and leap, swoosh and sweep. They can be kind and can be mean. They are innocent, or so they seem.

They dance the dance of anger... sadness... sorrow... despair..

They can be cruel, they can be fair.

But in the end, you always know...

There is sure to be a rainbow.

The end.

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