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nikaliaechoedepressed and suicidal
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Roller skates

by nikaliaechoe

I got some new roller skates, they are red and black.

I tried to put them on, it was difficult because they rolled out from under me.

I skated through the house, on the porch, down the driveway, and in the street.

I rode up our street, I fell plenty of times.

I rode back down my street.

With my brothers I skated....walked... Up the steep hill.

On our way back down I went very fast.

Very, very fast...

I tried to jump in the grass...

But I was too late...

I had fallen on my... pocket.

We were at the hospital when mom said..

It'd have to be sewn back on, great.

My left shoulder, fore arm, and wrist hurt so bad.

I got 6 x-rays.

I am broken. I fractured my shoulder.

Good bye roller skates.

Good bye bike. Broken scapula Good bye skateboard. Bruised tailbone Good bye roller blades. Sprained wrist. Good bye car. Bloody nose.

Good bye anything with wheels. Good bye pain.

The end.

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