Holding hands
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nightwishes I think too much and write too little
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Little things we do not cherish enough with so beautiful meanings

Holding hands

by nightwishes

Holding hands is one of the most precious things

our world contains.

It is surely underrated and contains so many meanings

Because holding hands can happen to just about anybody.

It can be a friendly gesture to help somebody walk or get up

Or just to show support and trust.

It can be a guideline or show platonic love among friends

It can express the love between family - the newborn father

holding his daughters hand for the first time, or the grandson who takes away some of the pain from his grandmother with his hands.

But then again

It can also treasure love

The first innocent steps of falling in love

and the more precious once of being in love

Holding hands can contain everything

and that is why it's a luxury many get to expirience

but we must still remember

to cherish it deeply.

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