Star Wars: Aftermath of the Awakening
Star Wars: Aftermath of the Awakening  star wars stories

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AU: My depiction of the aftermath ath of The Force Awakens

Star Wars: Aftermath of the Awakening

A long, long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…


Episode VII.V

Aftermath of the Awakening

REY has found the last Jedi LUKE SKYWALKER and delivered to him his father's lightsaber.

Luke isn't willing to leave the remains of the Jedi Temple and senses The Force is strong in the girl and is curious how she found him.

Rey is looking for a master to train her in the ways of The Force and to help the Resistance. But she is holding down feelings she doesn't even realize.

FINN is at the Resistance base on D'Qar wondering what he had missed in the time he was out from a medically induced coma, and where's Rey.

While he's getting caught up POE DAMERON is acting more like the late HAN SOLO which Finn doesn't enjoy. GENERAL ORGANA was hoping Rey could convince her brother to come help.

KYLO REN was at an undisclosed location continuing his training, until he sensed something powerful in the light side.

As Rey grows stronger so does Kylo he is still attached to light side but can't figure out why. As he grows in power SUPREME LEADER SNOKE grows more impatient to destroy The New Jedi Order...

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