Finding Herself
Finding Herself beach stories

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@perfectplaces and I did our first ever collab! We are two friends in real life who love to write! We hope you enjoy this little piece we put together! <3

Finding Herself

By: Crystal & Evelyn @nightblossom @perfectplaces

She is still standing near the shore, a giant tropical print towel tied under her armpits and her feet buried in the sand. It was the end of summer and her school days were over. Staring at the horizon, thinking of life beyond her classroom.

She remembered how difficult the journey was to get to where she is now, but she was proud to call herself a survivor of her own world. @perfectplaces

She would remember her darkest times but also think of her happy memories, too. But most of all, she was glad to be standing here on the gorgeous beach. @perfectplaces

School never came clear to her. Nothing ever did. Simple tasks came off as complicated and never-ending. Coping with depression never benefited her situation. @nightblossom

It messed with her mind as if every task was a complex façade, that would make her eyes spin, and involuntarily stream tears. @nightblossom

This was the closest she’s felt to pure bliss and delight in a long time. @nightblossom

As she stared out at the ocean, she saw a slim and tall sailboat sailing across the reef, watching as the boat glided across the soft waves and into the beautiful sunset. @perfectplaces

She imagined how nice it would have been to be on that boat. She pictured the wind hitting her face as the smell of salt water filled her lungs and the sprays of water tickled her skin. But it was just a daydream. @perfectplaces

Yet such a jubilant sight ate away at her, like a forceful acid. She sat down on the now cold sand, running her fingers over her sand covered legs, watching each grain fall one by one, concentrating, holding back tears. @nightblossom

Her wet hair drooping in dark clumps around her face, dripping water down her tan back. Her face crumpled up, and her green eyes, deep as the forest, began to sting. @nightblossom

She didn’t have the will to wipe away her tears; her hands were too busy sheltering her eyes from the now setting sun. @nightblossom

She unveiled her eyes and watched as the sun slowly set on the horizon, leaving the sky covered in a layer of rich golden stardust, that slowly started becoming stars, which covered the sky one more time, like a blanket and then, after the final ray of sunshine was gone from the horizon, it was finally nighttime. @perfectplaces

She got up from the cold sandy bank and walked on the shoreline, allowing the salty sea water to brush against her feet. The water was frigid, but it overcame her with a wave of peace. @nightblossom

She looked up at the stars and imagined the story behind each one. A smile formed on her suntanned face, and she playfully kicked the waves that splashed against her legs. She danced in the moonlight, embracing the darkness. @nightblossom

She took another long breath, breathing in the fresh air as she took one last look at the water when she saw something. She saw her reflection, sparkling in the now calm water. @perfectplaces

She looked at herself for a moment and realized, after all, that she’s lost, she finally found herself. @perfectplaces

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