Pick it all up
Pick it all up drowning stories

nidmoh2 my 2 am thoughts
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pick it all up and try again

Pick it all up

Some days are harder to outlive than others

When you're being dragged under your well of emotions

You try hard not to gasp, try hard not to just give in

But it's a losing battle, when the enemy knows you, is you

Still you try, bottle it all up, shove it all deep, deep, deep

You put on airs and graces, let your smile bleed into place

With your head down, ignorance is your saviour-just for a little while

Soon enough though, it gets harder, gets suffocating

Until you're sinking unfettered, more lost than you ever were

Helpless, you let it rip you apart

Let it leave you gasping, breathless, in pieces

So those days you'll just have to concede

The storm will pass undoubtedly

Leaving you to pick it all up

Pick it all up and try again

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