Ballers With Benefits
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Are we healing together or just putting a bandaid, trading one heartbreak for another?

Source: Nicole Rodrigues

I'm Bella Dani- Gavinwood, Bella Gavinwood. I'll never get used to that, but it's a long story. Everybody's friend, the good girl, the princess...

I'm sick of everyone treating me like I'm made of glass. For once I want to be bad.

Do what I want to do without thinking about consequences...

Playing it safe got me here, sitting at a bar by myself, thinking about him and what I did wrong. That bastard. Screw love. Enter tall, dark and dickish brooding next to me and I think God may have answered my prayers...

Scratch that, I don't think God will approve of what I plan to do with him...

I should be thanking the devil...

What started as a one night stand turns into an addiction.

Our bodies are drawn together every second of the day, no matter the distance between us.

Are we slowly mending our brokenness together, or are we just putting a bandaid over the pain, trading one heartbreak for another?


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