For Those Struggling To Let Go
For Those Struggling To Let Go
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nico_bre Community member
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A poem to help people let go of their grief from the past and move on with their life.

For Those Struggling To Let Go

Being in denial is like running towards a sunset.

You're trying to make the day never end.

You run away from the ever-present, slowly growing darkness.

You cling onto that little shred of light you can still see,

refusing to look behind you at the black abyss that is the truth.

You chase after the sun even after it's gone.

When you finally realize what you're doing and you look around,

you don't even know where you are anymore.

You're lost, and the one thing you thought you had isn't there anymore.

That night will be the worst of your life,

but if you can get through it,

the sun will come back.

It'll be somewhere new than before.

There will be some new clouds and a new sky,

but it'll still be good.

The light will come back

and you'll look around and see that this place really isn't as bad as you thought it was.

It's different than before

It's not your old sun, sky, and home,

but it's still good.

Your old sun left,

but your life is still there.

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