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nico22436 Ok so like why?? Just why?
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This wasn't even my full rant...

Come on Now

Lets all be fucking real here, there are KPOP idols and then there is normal human beings who are over here like "Welp, I guess I'm a fucking potato now" I'm one of those potatoes, I know that I am and I'm ok being one. My thing is why do they all have to come after us all the time? Most stressful thing to be: A multistan

As a multistan, I have to stay up to date with everyone's comebacks and new groups debuting. If I miss a single comeback, it causes the whole domino effect and I have to stay up late at night trying to figure out what comebacks I missed Not to mention fucking concerts and merch. My bank account is usually empty for those reasons

Barely any of my friends understand my pain. I'm currently crying over how proud of Stray Kids I am. I've stanned them since even before their debut. They've come soo far and they've overcome soo many obstacles. Not to mention Woojin left (don't get me started; I'll ugly cry) It makes me sad how under appreciated they are. Like come on now!!

Anytime someone asks why I like KPOP I respond with, "they helped me out of a bad place, and I wouldn't be here without them" They legit physically hurt my heart, but like its not a hurting pain. It's more of a love that you knew could never happen. I can watch a single video and my day lights up, thats all it takes

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