Kenma x male reader
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playing video games w kenma. <3 btw this contains smut-

Kenma x male reader

You always see kenma playing video games. always listening to him raging, It was cute actually. you sat beside him and watched him play.

he paused the game and looked over at you, "wanna play? I can teach you!" he gave you the controller to his ps4 and unpaused the game.

he moved each button for you and you watched which buttons he pressed. "Now go get him, he's your enemy" he said pointing to someone in front of you in the game.

You moved forward and killed your enemy. "Nice job!" he smiled then hugged you.

you gave him the controller, "you play this round" "Okay thanks bubby" you sat behind him and massaged his shoulders, while he was playing. "Ah yes, right there" he paused the game and relaxed.

"no no, keep playing" "okay bubbyy" he said, unpausing the game. You pressed your lips against his neck, still massaging his shoulders. "mm~" you could hear his moans and got turned on easily.

"don't want anyone to hear you, do we?" he shaked his head no, and tried to stay quiet. he laid down on his stomach and you smirked.

You took off your pants and your boxers and rubbed your d*ck to make it easier to put inside him. You took off his clothes and you spread his cheeks apart and slowly put your d*ck inside.

"a-ahh!" "stay quiet, or you will get a punishment." you thrusted into him faster, making him shake. you grabbed onto his thighs and thrusted into him, faster and deeper.

he tried to stay quiet and covered his mouth, to keep him from moaning. "good boy." you thrusted into him at full speed, "god you feel so good" you said, still thrusting into him faster.

You arched your head back. "I-I'm gonna cum!" he said, still playing the game. "me too" you both came. you pulled your d*ck out of him and breathed heavily.

he paused the game and laid down beside you, cuddling with you. "let me clean up first" he nodded and you cleaned up all the cum. you laid down beside him, cuddling with him.

He laid his head on your chest, still breathing heavily. He fell asleep, his head still on your chest.

"I love you.."

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