Flowers and Sunshine
Flowers and Sunshine fatherhood stories

nickmclean90210 Community member
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From my book, Drawn in Memory. My daughter is a wonderful inspiration.

Flowers and Sunshine

A tiny claw reaches up,

with a slight clench of stubby fingers,

borne on a thin arm,

so clean and pure,

so slow and determined.

Perhaps careful.

Careful to shade the sight of the deepening smirk,

but I see that glint in the eye.

That eye that closes as she drinks,

deeply with the tiredness she feels,

as in my lap she stirs,

readjusting so she may reach.

I smile back and wait,


forcing my face to straighten,

perhaps even to scowl.

She breaks from her bottle,

concentration in every fibre,

as she reaches her goal,

sharp nails in the skin,

as she pinches my nose.

"Nip, nip," she says.

"Ouch, ouch, you naughty crab!" says I.

We laugh together,

with our whole selves,

and the love is so deep,

and all tears are of the joy we feel.

The world shrinks to our tiny cluster,

air, light, sound, existence,

all gone from any perception.

There is just our mutual gaze and laughter,

which is simply flowers and sunshine.

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