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nicki17Troubled Author with a wild mind.
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Boys who don't know how to treat a girl.


by nicki17

She was stupid.

She was stupid to think she mattered. She knew it wouldn't last long. And she knew she couldn't get attached.

He was faking.

He faked it, the whole thing. Made her feel alive, and loved.

She knew it wouldn't last

She knew she didn't have long. She knew what she was doing, yet she felt herself break a little every time she heard his voice.


The pain in her chest hurt so much she knew she couldn't do anything to fix it. She couldn't trust anyone like that again.

He knew

He knew how much it hurt, yet he did it anyway. He knew how sick it was, yet he did it anyway.

And in the end

She was still heartbroken, and he was still a prick.

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