She Trusted Him
She Trusted Him stories
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nicki17Troubled Author with a wild mind.
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He lied, she opened up.

She Trusted Him

by nicki

Gaining Her Trust

She has been hurt, he wanted to help...

She Opened Up

He Lost her trust, he spent so much time gaining her trust, and when she finally opened up to him...

He betrayed her....

He lied. He thought it was funny, but it meant so much to her.

He regretted it.

She hates him. He wants her trust and friendship, but... its different now.

She pushed him away

He tried everything, he tried being nice, he tried being sweet, but she ignored everything he did.

He Misses her

He tried everything, and he really regetted lying to her.

It was too late.

She had already Moved on, she hated him now and there was nothing he could do.

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