She Doesn't Know
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nicki17Troubled Author with a wild mind.
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She Thinks, He knows.

She Doesn't Know

by nicki

He Cares

He loves her, her touch, her eyes, her smile, her laugh, her.

She Has No Idea

She doesn't know he loves her. She thinks he pity's her. But it's so much more...

He Tries.

He tries to convince her that he loves her, but she's been hurt so much, she won't believe it.

It kills him.

He loves every detail about her, he loves how she shivers when he touches her. He loves her, and it kills him to know that she has been hurt.

She Loves Him.

She loves him and doesn't want him to leave. Although he will never leave. He will always love her. She doesn't know this...

She Thinks...

She thinks he stays because he pity's her, she thinks she's alone. She knows she wouldn't be able to handle it without him.

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