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nicki17Troubled Author with a wild mind.
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Suicidal boy, teased by many. This explains what happens.


by nicki

He Roams The Halls

You don't notice him. You walk by him every day.

He Feels Alone

You do not know him. He wants you to know him, he wants anyone to know him.

Every Night he wonders why he is here.

He cuts himself every night. It's an addiction, he does not feel wanted or needed. He questions his life here on Earth.

He's bullied

People push him as they walk by. They shove him into the lockers, they tease him. Laugh at his suicidal thoughts.

You don't know

He's serious, yet nobody actually believes it. He gets texts in the middle of the night saying- kill yourself! nobody wants you around! You're nothing! and so on, but do people actually care?

or notice?

his thoughts can't be tamed, his parents don't know. he puts on a fake smile every day, hoping one day he won't have to live with the pain he feels inside.

One night, he commits suicide. Tears blurring his vision, and blood spilling on the floor. Sadness overwhelming him, and his thoughts only on 'It will take the pain away'

He wondered if anyone would care. He wondered in anyone would ever remember him, and think 'I kinda miss him'

The next day, no one says a word. They wonder where he went, until they hear what happened, but they're too afraid to live up to their mistakes aren't they?

Nobody should have to deal with that. If it were someone who was doing the bullying they'd understand, but they don't. Do they?

He was Only Human

He was only a human, emotions were overrun, and depression hit. People remembered him. The Bullies told their children about him, yet they never admitted to the fact that they killed him.

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