To the one I love but doesn't know
To the one I love but doesn't know beautiful stories

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we all got someone we've loved but never confessed our feeling s to them

To the one I love but doesn't know

To you my secret one I write this poem for I'm scared to tell you how I feel myself,

Every waking morning I ask myself are you awake?Are you still sleeping adorably,

Since childhood I always saw you were different from the rest and I it made me feel butterflies in my chest,

But the day you kissed my cheek is when I realized that my feelings weren't fake,

Now I just look at you as if I saw an angel,as if there's no one else in the room,

I know you love me as family but my love for you is way different but I keep it a secret,

I want our first kiss to be magical,sensational and unforgettable,

Hope one day you'll feel the same way as I feel cause I think you are the one for me.

I will love no one else but you and NO MATTER how long it takes I will wait for you.

To the one I've loved my whole life,to the one I would sacrifice my life.

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