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Social Drug
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Social Media is also a drug

Social Drug

*Everyone is just whore *We just sell different parts of ourselves...

Welcome to the new drug, social media, Where everything you see is made here, Everyone is a model in front of the camera, But we never see the struggle behind the mirror,

Nobody wants to be seen with their face sad, Dying to keep up that social media facade,

Trying hard to look like someone else, With perfect looks and a hidden mess, Wanting to look great with much less,

Stretching in a skin that barely fits, Your thoughts shaped by tweets, No time to meditate on your wits, To study your thought process,

Through insight to being introspective, To look at it from your own perspective, Primitive minds,smart phones, psychological locks, Scared to be different from the popular,

Ignorance blending in the trending, Sucker for attention, perfection;pathological addiction, The hypocritical, know-it-all attitude, mass education, Information distorted in a way it sells,

Fake news, click baits to attract the hype, Mistakes disguised or deleted quick, like bad selfies, Body shaming, self hatred, inferiority complex, Sleep deprivation, chronic quarter life crisis, Simulated idealization, to escape realisation,

So many ills fed to the mind of the desensitized teens, This platform is for flawless human beings, But everything is not what it seems, Images projected on green screens, By experts who look different behind the scenes,

Designed to chase likes,like a politician to votes, Jealousy founded on well- constructed fallacy, Social climbing, clout chasing and all the jazz, Just to fit in and join the buzz, Self minded celebrities, inflated alter egos,

Mindset of a habitual social media user, Living life in comparison, feeling like a loser, Everyone is doing well, so you gotta out do, Fake it, till no one can doubt you, You say you don't please anyone, but are about to,

Just to maintain the illusion, so no one can oppose it, Feeling lonely, but on the socials acting the opposite, Fear of missing out compels us to spend more time online, Pretending to be on their business, just to get them on mine,

We are prisoners of social media arrest, So busy running around, without giving it a rest Trading self-worth with the level of popularity Blending into the majority, to hide the insecurity

To be judged for being true, For being different, for being you, Step out of your illusion and try reality for a moment, Pose for a picture, without having to wait for comment,

Meditate and spend time with your thoughts for once, Free from social media trance, find the balance, Find control, and in a platform where you can be anything, I hope you choose to be yourself,

I pray that you keep a sense of individuality, That is free from the illusions of your creation, I wish you a healthy experience with social media reaction.

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