To my knight in shinning armour ♥️🤺

To my knight in shinning armour   ♥️🤺

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We all need to be saved- from our worries, our apprehensions, our reality and sometimes, even from our own selves. This is a story that swells deep into discovering that sense of safety. Read , and discover your own knight.

To my knight in shinning armour ♥️🤺

When the demons hidden under my bed caught hold of me, I would surrender into your arms and shut my eyes tight. You held me close and guarded me all night. When my wobbly feet struggled to move past one square on the floor, you stood there right behind me, to catch me in your arms and protect me.

When gibberish made the perfect sense to me, you sat there patiently, trying to understand each of my commands. When you ever so generously allowed me to put those heart shaped, sugary treasures into the iron cartoon that moved and stood on it’s four feet- you made me the happiest. Even tho you sneakily removed them while billing.

When I failed to understand the transition of day to night, you’d always be at the front door, waiting for me to come home. Permutations and combinations, which was your least favourite at school had suddenly become your friend, as you would frantically call up everyone. Those days weren’t the most pleasant, especially with you trying explain your concerns to a doofus like me.

When a 6 on 10 became less about the subject and more about my identity, you gave me your shield- the shield of silence and perseverance, and asked me to put that in front of anyone who came my way.

When the masks of my friends began to fade away, and a storm stirred up amongst us, you gave me your sword - the sword of word and told me that a really warrior isn’t one who gets her sword out, but the one who knows when to use it. In that moment I knew- not all battles were mine to be fought.

When I stood at crossroads of my dreams and desires, fighting conflicts with my brain and heart, convincing myself and the world of my aspirations- you told me not to use your weapons. I understood that peace is better than war.

You, my knight have protected me from the very beginning. You have loved me, cherished me and brought me up into knowing and handling the world all by myself.

You spent your entire life- looking after me, taking care of me and protecting me from all evils. There wasn’t even a single day that you failed to stand right next to me, or a single night that you retired from all this madness.

Gratitude seems very small in front of your service, my knight. Thereby, I promise to not just be eternally thankful of you but to also try and be your knight in shining armour.

I love you so incredibly much ♥️ With love Your princess 👑

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