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This was my first story, and I wanted something different. Josh is an 18-year-old college student, who is pretty popular. There was always someone confessing their undying love for him. But, Josh was always looking for a chat with a 17-year-old girl named Iris. Let's see if he will get her attention.

Lost In Her Eyes By: Nezu!

By: Nezu

Honestly, who could blame the guy? Tall, muscular, and overall, a perfect fit for common women. But Josh didn't see these women fit, as they saw him.

All he could focus on was the one girl in the back, with short black hair, and hazel eyes. He stared at her perfect body shape and beautiful face.

Other girls would climb all over him, but her? She sat there with her book, ignoring him all the way. He knew, that if he didn't talk to her now, he would never get the chance to in the future.

"Hey, Iris..." He fidgets with his hands, unsure of what to say to this woman. "Josh." Iris looked up at the Mocha haired male. "A-Are you an ocean? Because I'm lost in your eyes." He spits out.

'Well dang, That was not how I planned this to go...' He thought to himself. She smiled. "Well, you must be a book, because I just want to read you front to back.

" He spat out another crummy punch line. Iris chuckled. "Your one funny guy" Josh let out a small laugh. "O-Oh yeah?" He mentally slapped himself.

'Get a hold on yourself, Josh!' This was all just a phase. A bad one. Iris looked up. "Hey, you seem nice." She stood up straight and handed him a slit of paper.

"Here's my number, call me maybe" Then she walked away, leaving Josh to be astonished.

Thank you for reading!!

Thank you for reading!!

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