They Didn't Deserve to Die (Maze Runner Fanfiction) Part 8
They Didn't Deserve to Die (Maze Runner Fanfiction) Part 8 maze runner stories

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They Didn't Deserve to Die (Maze Runner Fanfiction) Part 8


I stand at the front of the group of girls, watching their reaction to Brenda's story. Half of them understand, but half of them look completely lost.

I look around at the people who aren't part of Group B. Some are listening in on Brenda's speech; others are frantically looking around for their friends or loved ones.

I happen to look over at the door and see Newt being pushed along with a man hiding behind him. I look back at my group, not wanting to leave them, but wanting to help Newt.

I finally decide to leave them behind.

"Newt!" I desperately try to shout over the crowd. He doesn't hear me. I shove through the crowd, trying to get closer to him. I finally approach him. "Newt!" I say. He looks up.

"Oh... hello, Amelia." He says. He looks back at the man pushing him. He makes no indication on whether or not I can talk to him, so I continue.

"What's going on?" I ask. "Who's that?"

He shakes his head. "I don't bloody know what's going on. I was hoping you did." I open my mouth to say something, but someone interrupts me.

"Newt!" I hear a voice behind me. I turn around and see Thomas jogging to catch up with us.

"Tommy!" Newt says, his face suddenly full of happiness. Thomas catches up with us and looks at him.

"What's going on, man? Why... why are you still tied up?" He asks.

"I asked the same thing. He doesn't know." I say. Newt looks up at me.

"Excuse me? I don't need you talking for me. I can say things myself." He snaps. Thomas raises his eyebrows and looks at me. I shrug, also having no idea why his mood suddenly changed.

"Is this... a bad time?" Thomas asks. I shrug again, still not sure what mood Newt's gonna be in.

He shakes his head. "No... sorry about that. It's just... it's getting harder to control my temper. That's all." He focuses his attention on the ground, unable to make eye contact.

Thomas and I exchange glances, neither of us knowing how to pick up a conversation from that. Luckily, we don't have to.

"Y'all are gonna have to leave," the man behind Newt says. Thomas and I look at each other again, not sure on whether we should leave Newt behind or stay.

Newt seems to notice our hesitation. "It's all right. I'll be okay." He says, and the man pushes him towards another door I didn't even know was there.

Thomas and I watch as the man opens the door and pushes him through to the other, unfamiliar part of the Burg.


I hear the door shut behind me, but refuse to turn around and look at them. I don't know where they're taking me, but chances are, I'm not going to end up alive. I don't want to say goodbye.

That would make it too... overdramatic.

I feel the man shove me forward, indicating that I need to walk. And I do. At first, we walk down the empty corridor in silence. But after a little while, curiosity gets the best of him.

"Wassat your best friend and your girlfriend?" He asks. I immediately shake my head.

"Amelia's not... we're just friends. And I don't exactly know what Tommy is to me." I say. Ever since Tommy showed up in the maze, I knew I liked him. More than the rest of the guys.

I'm not sure if "love" was the word I'd use to describe it. I'm not even sure if I'm into guys. But I think there's definitely something there.

But I don't go into all this with the man. He wouldn't understand. He'd say I'm not sane enough to have feelings for someone or something like that. And I don't need him telling me that.

I'm in love with a fucking boy, and to me, that's insane.

The man looks at me, confused. Obviously wanting me to go into detail. But I can't. And he can't make me. We walk in silence again. But this time, the silence is deafening.

I can't stand to listen to myself breathing. It's too loud. I decide to ask him again why he's not afraid of me.

"Why don't you have your mouth covered or something like that? Do you want to catch the Flare?" I ask. He shakes his head.

"You don't get it do you?" he asks. I shake my head. "Your friends aren't the only Munies in the world. I'm not afraid of you because I couldn't ever catch the virus.

I guess I'd be scared if I could've. Besides, aren't you afraid?"

"I've already got it, man. I don't know what I could be afraid of now." I say. A slight smile brushes over the man's face.

"I guess the hallucinations haven't started yet, then." He says. Then he stops suddenly and unlocks the door to his right. He makes a gesture for me to go inside.

I do, reluctantly, and turn to look at him.

"What's that supposed to mean?" I ask. He just shakes his head, smiles and shuts the door. But right before he does he says, "Soon you'll see, my friend, soon you'll see."

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