They Didn't Deserve to Die (Maze Runner Fanfiction) Part 4
They Didn't Deserve to Die (Maze Runner Fanfiction) Part 4 maze runner stories

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If only I knew what was going on. If only they would trust me.
(4th in a series)

They Didn't Deserve to Die (Maze Runner Fanfiction) Part 4


If only I knew what was going on. If only they would trust me.

If only I wasn't a crank.

Then all my problems would be solved. I turn to Amelia, hoping to find something in her expression, thinking maybe she would give me answers. If anyone would, it would be her.

I don't know why I suddenly trust her. I think maybe more than Tommy. Or even Minho. Maybe it's because I told her everything about me.

I remember back when we were flying over the Scorch, in that stupid Burg. Tommy had been taken away from us, and Minho was out cold.

I decided I would try to take a little nap, and after about 10 minutes, I was dead asleep.

About 3 hours later, I woke up. And right next to me was Amelia. She had short, curly blond hair and was about a foot shorter than me. Someone had placed a blanket over us (and everyone else).

So there she was, sleeping peacefully beneath a thin, fuzzy, dark blue blanket, using my shoulder as a pillow.

Of course, I wasn't going to wake her up. She looked so peaceful. But I had nothing else to do. I sat there, trying to fall back asleep.

The slow, rhythmic sound of her breath was relaxing in some sort of way. At first.

But then they started to grow faster, as if she was having a nightmare of sorts. She started twitching in her sleep, and her eyebrows creased.

She started whimpering, and I figured she'd wake herself up. But she didn't.

Amelia then started crying. I finally shook her awake. And when she looked at me, her face slick with tears and panic in her eyes, I pulled her into a hug and said, "It's all right, love.

It was just a dream."

We stayed like this for a while, her sobbing into my shoulder and me hugging her as tightly as possible. She eventually pulls away from me.

"I'm sorry." She says, "I don't even know you. I probably shouldn't be drenching your shoulder with my tears."

"What, if you don't mind my asking, was wrong?" I ask.

She shrugs. "It's nothing. Just these... these dreams that keep coming out of nowhere.

It always starts off with me and another girl, about 2 years older than me, sitting and braiding each other's hair.

She always tells me a random joke, but then starts repeating herself over and over. Then she suddenly turns into a crank and... and shoots herself. I don't know why it keeps coming..."

She says, tears forming behind her eyes.

"Hey, hey... stop crying. It's just a dream. Nothing more." I say.

She laughs. "I'm sorry. I don't... I don't even know your name." She says, looking up at me.

"Newt." I say, "And you are...?"

"Amelia." She says.

We talked like that for a while. I told her about the Glade, and she told me about where she used to live. It was crazy how similar her experience was to ours.

And just like that, I trusted her. I could tell her anything she asks without blinking an eye.

I look back at her. She's squeezed between Tommy and Brenda, and even in the darkness of the band I can see her face.

She's starting to drift off to sleep, and for some reason, I want to make everyone shut up just so she can.

Brenda catches me looking at her. She looks between her and I and raises her eyebrows. I shake my head and look away. I decide to close my eyes and try to get some sleep.

It's going to be a while before we get to the Burgs.

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