The Shag carpet
The Shag carpet carpet stories

new_name_pendin Wishing for my Hot Girl Summer.....
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how a carpet gave just what a girl needs.

The Shag carpet

Soft. Warm. Comfortable. A safe haven.

Her parents had played with her on this carpet as a baby. Now it was just her and her mom.

When her dog passed away, She laid down on this carpet and cried.

when she got her first crush, She laid down on this carpet and sighed.

When her friends left her, and she decided she no longer needed to cry, She laid down on the carpet to write.

When she had her first kiss, and her first night of love, they had laid on this carpet.

This place was her safe-haven. Why would she ever want another place to lay? Some people have their beds, but she loved her carpet. Her carpet. Her comfy spot.

And when she needed time to herself , She would lay down on her carpet, And she would stare at the stars on her ceiling and let out a sigh.

No matter how tough life gets, She will still have the sanctity of her beloved Shag Carpet.

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