The Excerpt Series
The Excerpt Series excerpts stories

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new series coming!!!!!!

The Excerpt Series

Hello! And good morning/noon/night/just-woke-up-from-a nap-and-wants-to-eat-Doritos to you all!!!! So, my dudes, my commarades, my buddies and pals, I have a new series I’m writing!!!! It’s so exciting!!! Whoop whoop!!!

So, as many of you might know, I am part of two simulator games right now, and so are many other wonderful people on this site. “So,” you’re asking, “how does that deal with your series? Are you making a simulator?” Well, the answer to that is no. I am not making a simulator.

My series is going to be small excerpts from other people’s simulators. Think of a behind the scenes peek at what’s going on when the camera (and narrator) isn’t looking. Cool, right??

I can’t wait for all of you to start reading, and I hope to get your feedback. If you are part of a simulator game and want me to do an excerpt from a specific part, just dm me, and I’ll debate on it. And if I do it, I’ll tag you and whatever other people featured in it. Have a wonderful day, y’all, and happy reading!! (did I make you want Doritos?)

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