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girl/girl smut fic, but first, some plot. this is part one. has NO sex. I'll post part tow right after this.

roommate PART ONE

this part is for all ages. the next part will be very sexy. but read this if you want a cute intro!

I met Mina on the third day of college.

the first day, I never made it to my room until after dark, and she was at a party.

the second day, I was moving in my stuff, and yet we never crossed paths. she had lots of errands that day.

the third day, I stumbled to my dorm, after having a shift run late, and accidentally fell asleep on her bed, not mine. imagine my surprise when I wake up, being shook awake by a butch knockout, and for her to say "Hi. I'm Mina. and I you're in my bed. not that I object."

me and mina became fast friends. she told me how she came out as lesbian, and how no one was even surprised. I told her how I came out as bi, and only a handful of people had figured it out already.

she was single, her girlfriend broke up with her before they started college. I was single, my last relationship in senior year had been a disaster. how did I not see us start to catch feelings?

how couldn't I? dark hair, cocky grin, soft lips, kickass personality.

soon, within a week or two, I was head over heels. didn't think she'd feel the same way. but when she found me crying around halloween, because or a death anniversary, she confessed that she liked me, and kissed me. then, she said that she had friends to go out with, and she had to go.

she skirted around me for a while. until I caught up to her, and confessed back to her. we decided to not do anything intimate right away.

but I am done waiting. it's November already, and it's her birthday too. I'm going to treat her. I already took her to dinner, and she was driving us back to our dorm. that meant I could text Alexa to put on the playlist I already had made.

As we walked in, I kept the lights dimmed. she turned to me. "what's all this?" " I think it's time to stop waiting, babe. I love you. and I'm ready for that next step."

to be continued. I wanted this part to be all ages, so that I'm not excluding my younger readers. part two coming next!

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