Part One: Back Home
Part One: Back Home dolan twins stories

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Nevaeh Just Got Back To Town. She Has New People To Meet... And More Secrets To Hide

Part One: Back Home


I just moved back to my hometown- after 3 years of being away I came back to this torturous place.

I pull my deep brown hair out of my face when I suddenly hear a voice yell my name then collide with my back, "NEV!!

" "Damn it, Felicity," I jokingly scowl at the best cousin in the whole wide world.

"I'm sorry bebe. It's just been so long, and I haven't gotten to hug you yet," she smiles at me. She has deep brown eyes unlike my green hazel ones and midnight black hair.

"So- spill the tea sis, what's been going on around here?" I question. "Well Brynn Rollins is pregnant, Saige is already suspended for fighting, we have 5 new kids," She told me.

"None of them surprise me except for the last one," I laugh.

"There is one of them now," She points behind me, "They are all best friends apparently." I turn around and bump into a huge guy. I looked up and saw a gorgeous boy, no older than 17.

He has semi-cury brown hair with cloudy blue eyes. "Oh, I'm so sorry- I'm Jonah," He smiles. Felicity sees me drooling over him and says, "Yeah you're one of the new kids, right?"

"Uhm yeah I am, and I know you- from 3rd period AP Chem," he says to Felicity. She pulls on my arm and jokingly gasps, "Nev here is taking all AP classes this year with us."

"Nev? Cool name," Jonah jokes. "It's s-short for Nevaeh." I play with my sleeves looking down

"Well 'Nevaeh' what do you have first?" he asks politely. "She has AP History with Strayer," Felicity looked at my schedule. "I have it too- I'll walk you," He chuckles.

"Well I have to go tutor some kid- PEACE!" And with that Felicity leaves me alone with Jonah.

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