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neutralfleur freedom from narrative。
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to the roadtrip and the friends who will be on it.


by neutralfleur

we’ve been planning this for months: putting quarters into jars, typing up schedules on a draft, scribbling notes on to loose leaf, collecting summer shirts, shorts for exploring, skirts for running, we’ve done it all

i have amassed a collection of postcards from travelling they hang on walls that are my own, they sit on desks of friends, i have stamps glued into a notebook that flips between sketches and memories i hope to do the same in my own country

we shall choose our car wisely the one that we can all comfortably fit in and drive until the sun hovers over the horizon daring us to carry on

we don’t know if we’ll use hotels or even hostels it depends which way the wind takes us i’ll bring a polaroid camera you’ll buy the film and memories will litter our bags

we’ll stroke the sea climb the hills sing to the waves hold the earth burn the dead branches into ashes so that life can start anew

right before another ending takes us by the throats and throws us into a new beginning i’ll hold you both like wild flowers like moments i’m about the press delicately

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