moving on {part two}
moving on {part two} poetry stories

neutralfleur curious being; inactive hobby poet
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memories crumble like dried flower leaves.

moving on {part two}

memories crumble

like dried flower leaves

and i crumble with them

this is the regretful part

of leaping from the nest

leaving behind a town

that carries my words

in its wind

always bringing them back to you

when you need them most

a town that has hidden gems

some you're familiar with

and others i'll never discover

i'm leaving behind people

who fit in with the smoke

and watching other ones

run faster into the distance

scars on their heels

i imagine them blooming

burts of colour and petals

once they hit the sunlight

i see only cherry blossoms

in their wake

and the end of the summer air

ushering the autumn breeze in

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