a night in Nice

        a night in Nice caring stories

neutralfleur freedom from narrative。
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a skewed memory from my summer in France

a night in Nice

by neutralfleur

overlooking the stars on the lake

damp air, a breathless draff

everyone in this place is beautiful

we feel things differently

pure paradise

pure paradise no irony or shame

sipping wine slowly

part homesick

part homesick, part metaphor

nobody knows exactly what they want from this city

perhaps the ability to overcome shyness with a glass or two

to keep the light of the world in their eyes

we're all losing our minds

but let's play along

look at them with lust

and take another sip to make sure

that their smile is there, it's real

that tenderness leaks from their eyes

the evening is young and we have nothing to fear from this

because the sun will always come back to warm our cheeks

the lovely thing in all of this lays in the knowledge

that i like you very much

that i like you very much and you like me very much

and we both know it

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