the path by sian guilford
the path

by sian guilford love stories

neutral ngl i thought 2020 was gonna b fun T-T
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the two people in this story can be any gender and any age, making it up to you who they are. it can be a love story or one of mere friendship. this is so far my favorite poem of all the one i have. please enjoy!!

the path by sian guilford

"If you were a fish,"

You said, as we walked along the faded path.

"I think you would be an octopus."

I looked at you funny.

"Number one,"

I replied pushing my glasses farther up.

"That's the weirdest thing I've ever heard.

And number two,

Octopi aren't fish."

"Is that so?"

You said

Kicking a rock

That was in front of you.

We walked in silence

The rest of the way home.

Three weeks later,

On that same path,

You said nonchalantly,

"If you were a bird,

You'd be a bat."

I looked at you funny.

"Bats aren't birds,

they're mammals."

you picked up a flower

From the frosted grass.

"Is that so?"

We walked in silence,

The rest of the way home.

Six years later,

On that same dwindled path

Rolling your wheelchair steadily,

You said

"If you were me,

you would still be able to walk."

I looked at you funny

"I would have made the same mistake."

I said, touching your discolored arm.

you continued to roll along the path.

"Is that so?"

8 years later,

Rolling at full speed,

Down the path

You cried

"If I were you,

I wouldn't be so

Heartless and selfish!!!"

"Your more selfish

than i could ever be!!"

I couldn't control

My temper.

Wheeling pettily away

You said

"Is that so?

You rolled down

The path alone.

10 years later,

I walked with a child

On the moss that now

Covered the path.

"If i was up there,"

The child said,

Pointing to a fondly

Familiar star.

"I'd tell them

I love you."

I patted

The child's head.

they're just like you.

I looked to the sky,

Using your flower as a pen,

Connecting the dots

"Is that so?"

We walked in silence,

The rest of the way home.

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