putting pain into cups
putting pain into cups depression stories

neutral ngl i thought 2020 was gonna b fun T-T
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this was how i describe my depression, and self harm last year. to this day its the only way i can.
(i dont have depression anymore, i found a way to stop last summer :)

putting pain into cups

In my opinion,

everyone has a cup

this cup is your endurance to pain

emotional pain, that is.

every time you get hurt

weather you

failed the test

got rejected

got laughed at


it turns into water

that goes in the cup

the amount varies by,

how hurt you were.

everyone's cup is different too.

when your cup over flows, you cry

so someone who cry's easily had a small cup

while as someone who doesn't cry often has a bigger one

some cups have holes.

holes are self harm, depression, ect.

holes are the quick fix to not overflowing

holes aren't the true answer.

last year i was going through something

my holes were big and everywhere

i barely had a cup

but i barely overflowed.

when i told my friend he said

"then get a new, bigger cup"

and i did.

but it wasn't easy

and it never will be

and i know they are others out there who have torn and poked cups

i want to help people with broken cups.

i hope they let me.

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