Grave Pain
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nessa0088 A lover of writing
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A short story that I've been working on the past few days. I don't know how I feel about but feedback is appreciated :)

Grave Pain

We spent the whole summer together before you were off to San Jose State and I was off to the University of Oregon.

Trips to the beach, endless movie dates, In N Out and late night face times sums up our summer together. But that does not sum up even half of the memories we made within our time together.

Start of the second semester of our Junior year, you transferred into Mr. G’s chem class.

I’d seen you around school but we never talked, even though we had English together for the past 3 years. You awkwardly made your way down the row to fill the empty seat beside mine.

Im not going to lie, being that I had a crush on you since sophomore year, I was both nervous and overjoyed that you sat next to me.

As I tried to rid the flush on my face, a chill ran through my body as you tapped my shoulder with that cute smirk you do whispering slightly.

“ Hey.. uh Noelle? Do you mind giving me a refresher of what I missed?

“Oh Mr.G’s just been talking about his trip to Thailand for the past 20 minutes”

“i guess I haven’t missed much then?”

“ I think you’d loove to hear him complain about his 20 hour plane ride and the issues he had with the person next to him”

“ Uhh I think Ill past but thanks”

“ No problem”

I gave a slight smile and turned my head to face the front of the room where Mr.G continued to ramble on about the mishaps during his trip.

These small talks continued on for about a month or two till I finally got the courage to open up to you. You listened, you laughed, you looked at like no-one has. May 10th, the night we kissed.

June 20th, you told me you loved me and I fell deeply in love with you. The laughs, the “I love you’s”, the fights, the make ups, you changed my life for the better.

Jason, you gave my life meaning in this world that is so deceiving. You made me so utterly happy. I wanted a life with you. Unfortunately, our love story was cut short.

Why didn’t you tell me? About this illness that was killing you slowly.. Now this sadness is eating me whole.

Jason, you were all I could have ever asked for and in the short time we had together, you are what kept me going. Thank you for the memories and the love you gave me.

I ended the letter with “I love you,” folded it, looked in the mirror to wipe the tears from my face,

put on my black dress and you were off to be 6 feet under and I was off to tell you my last good bye..

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