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I took selfies today...


I took selfies today

With a shiny new camera built into my shiny new phone

A camera that catches everything under the sunlight

Every shadow, every line, every bump, everything that I learned to hate

My eye that never seems to catch up with the other

My lip that swells with insecurities only on one side

A mix of unsymmetrical pieces kindly set upon my face

So kindly, so there, just to be picked apart by my own hands

My fragile hands belonging to my frail body

My body who receives biting gazes from my roaming eyes

Eyes compiling a collection of thoughts to feed

To feed to my mind about the being it possesses

I want to accept this being that with bruises I left so sore

Because it carries more than the bumps and scratches resting on it’s skin

It’s worth more than the hate I fed into it’s core

And all of those pictures, aren't worth what's within

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