Lavender Fields
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I want to find you so badly

Lavender Fields

I search for you in a sea of lavender flowers

On a windy afternoon, the breeze brushes against the hairs of my skin

The sun stands in front of me, calling me to come hither

My eyes unbothered, gazing upon her rays

Are you there? Hidden in the orange warmth that calls for me\

I want to find you so badly, to hold and understand you

But as I run, the deeper the lavender fields seem to get

And the farther I get from you

She’s still singing my name, voice of a winged beauty

I hear you, I’m trying, I can see you,/ I feel you.

Almost there..

A tug. The lavender flowers yank at my ankles and wrap around my torso

And I sink

I sink

I sink.

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