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It was nice to have you when I did

It was nice

It was nice to have you when I did

It was nice to have something as beautiful as you walk across my mind every day

And when you did, you’d take away every worry, every fear, and every care

You’d fill my mind with images of warmth, images of you, images of what I could never touch

But desired to so painfully

It would’ve been nice if I hadn’t lied

If I hadn’t saw the fact that we were galaxies away from being something

And wanted to pretend that we were a couple of stars closer to being anything at all

To pretend that it was even possible for you to love me

Pretend that you could want me like I wanted you

But that wouldn’t have worked if you knew the truth

It could’ve been nice if I didn’t leave

To not be so lost in the weeds of lies that grew so tall

That I feared to see what would happen if I stayed

That all the gardens of lovely memories we grew together would shrivel away and die

To risk it all to be forgotten, and spoiled, and everything beautiful become rotten

But yeah, I’m sorry.

It was nice.

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