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nesha sharing things i write on some site
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I don't expect anyone to see this but I desire a someone to read this.


Dear Abby,

The clouds shielded the sun as the regret I feel drowns my conscious.

I remember you like my childhood and the thought of the feelings that would blossom when talking to you grows.

I wish I could say sorry to you right now for all the rose-covered lies I told.

You deserved the truth then and you deserve it now.

Where ever you are, I wish you the happiness of a million suns.

Your personality was a million suns.

Your personality was all I knew of you.

And for it, I loved you.

A beautiful soul. So smart, so kind, so warm. So worth every second I spent talking to you

I want you to feel love in the purest and greatest forms.

I remember wishing to be everything that you believed I was,

To magically form into an idea that I had created. I wanted to be exactly what you imagined

But reality strikes and golden orange sunsets didn't seem so golden anymore

Orange was never my favorite color until the character I created told you it was

It only still is because I associate it with you.

Orange was a million suns of warmth embedded in your personality.

Warmth felt like home and at some point, you did too.

I want more than ever to say sorry to you and remove the clouds from the sun. To reveal everything I lied about.

How I'm more like you than you know and less like who you imagined me to be.

Whether this is something you will or will never see

I wish you a million suns worth of love, honesty, and happiness. From "Z"

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