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Writer’s Block

How long do you think I have to stare at this blank page

Waiting for the letters to start falling in

Forming sentences


I’ll take even just words at this point

How long do you think until this block goes away

I’ve tried all I can with it

Going over



Maybe I should just walk away

Take a step backwards and keep going

Maybe I’ll go so far that I don’t see this block anymore

Until it’s corners start to fade into the setting

And I forget what color it’s supposed to be

How long until I feel myself again

How long until she pops out of that block

Smirking at me and asking

“Did you miss me?”

Of course I fucking miss you

You’re the only part of me I was ever so sure of

I couldn’t tell you how many days I’ve picnicked in front of this block

Speaking to it

Pleading with it

Hoping it was all a ruse

Hoping something I said would make it just go the fuck away

How long until it fucking goes away

I wonder if giving the block attention makes it stronger

I wonder if it’s made of rock

Or maybe it’s just made of all the dead ideas I’ve left floating around

Maybe I should treat it as a gravestone

Carve in the words

“Here lies my my ability to do anything with my life”

Lay flowers on it once a month

Or should it be once a week

How often are you supposed to visit your dead passions

Or maybe I should try a resurrection spell

Give the gods a good laugh

Or maybe I’ll just let the block overcome me

Watch it consume me until I’m oddly square shaped

And mockingly blue

Or maybe

Just maybe

I’ll lie on my back

So close to it that my shoulder almost touches the edges

And continue to plead

Until my pages fill with words again

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