It Hasn't Gotten Easier
It Hasn't Gotten Easier bittersweet stories

nerdletech Mediocre at best
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It Hasn't Gotten Easier

by nerdletech

You are my anchor

Holding me down when I start to drift

My compass when I start to feel lost

I remember riding shot gun in a navy blue pick up

One of your hands on the wheel

The other hanging out your window

Our laughs getting lost in the fresh air

I remember falling in love with my best friend

And not realizing it until five years later

Cuddled up on your bed

Sharing sleepy kisses

And soft touches

I remember the way your eyes watched me

And my cheeks flushed

I remember you wrapping your arms around me

I felt so safe

And comfortable

Like nothing else in the world mattered

Because you are my most reliable security system

My rock

My fallback when I lose my balance

I remember calling you up a year later

Not having spoken to you much since becoming self aware

And you didn't have a clue

You probably wouldn't unless I screamed out

I am in love with you

And I don't know how I'll bury it this time

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