Eternal Feeling
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Obsession is eternal... even after death.

Eternal Feeling

At a park

Sam's gaze wandered around every corner of the park he was at. An old man lighting up a cigarette, small kids playing and running around without a mask of worry was some views that was intact.

But his gaze was focused on the pathway in front of him. He saw an old couple, holding hands side by side strolling slowly along the pathway. Memories of his own flooded his mind.

Memories of past hit him hard at the moment.

9 January 2020

Sam's brown eyelids scanned his new environment, from the high fences to the gates of his office.

Of course, there were pretty girls stealing a glance at Sam, who in fact was very good looking and smart apart from other workers there.

But Sam just ignored them and was very fascinated with the surrounding of the office because it was built in a unique manner.

"Hi, what's your name?" asked a girl towards him as he was staring around. "Uh...I'm Sam..." Sam answered with a tone of awkwardness in his voice.

"I'm Mary...are you new here?" she asked him with a dazzling smile on her face. "Yes...just moved here..." he answered back. "Oh I see...I will meet you later at the office...

bye!" Mary moved away from him as it was time for work.

9 July 2020

"There's a new girl about to join our office...," announced Sam's colleague, Enrique whispered to him.

At a moment of spur, Sam was stunned and electrified when he saw a very attractive girl entering his office.

She had a long jet black hair, olive coloured fair skin complexion, sparkling brown eyes with spectacles and a smile,

which her dimples add another eye-popping dimension to her overall entrancing beauty.

"Wow, she's really she?" Sam's friend Enrique whispered to Sam as the new girl named Angel entered their office.

Sam just looked at his friend and smiled, without realising himself that he had been attracted towards her.

"Can we go for a cup of coffee then?" Sam immediately asked Angel as she began to work.

"Uh...sure..." answered Angel, with a trace of an awkward feeling.

10 August 2020

Angel, now his co-worker was full of admiration by the other workers as well as the young CEO for her hardworking and caring nature.

Her caring nature made her the most sought girl by every guy to make her their girlfriend or life partner.

Sam who had a long time admiration for Angel was very nervous and had low self-esteem that he deemed her to be not suitable for him as a life partner.

Even though Enrique had advised him to confess his love to her, Sam just felt too low and ignored Enrique's advises.

Instead, he was very scared that his first love might get rejected ultimately if he proposed to Angel.

Sam's Home

Always wanted someone,

But never managed to have one,

Every thought about you,

Stabs my heart inhabited by you...

Sam was writing a poem about his current situation as he was too confused about his feelings. "Will I ever be with you?" Sam put down the pen and slept on the desk as he thought to himself.

Few days later

"Sam, please at least try to tell your feelings....I'm sure she will reciprocate it!" Enrique pleaded his friend to reveal his love interest towards Angel. "Every move she makes...

I seem to get entranced by it...the blinking of her eyes...the seductive smile of hers...her hand movements..." was all the answer from Sam. "But, I think it's just some infatuation...

and there were even rumours that...she already have a boyfriend..." Sam concluded his stand to Enrique, who actually couldn't go along with Sam's behaviour.

"It's just rumours...Damn it, if I hadn't reveal my love towards Mary....she will have no knowledge about it now...and since I have confess we are happy...

!" Enrique tried to explain his own love experience to Sam but to no avail as he found Sam was not with him now.

13 September 2020

"There she goes my Angel..." Sam pointed towards the entrance of his office as a girl went in.

Enrique was surprised by his friend's statement as that girl was not Angel.

Sam had left him as soon as they have reached their respective cars long time ago. Enrique just sighed, thinking about his friend's condition.

He also sensed that something was fishy about Sam's recent behaviour change. "Hmm, what is it?" the thought of it baffled Enrique as he unlocked the car.

Sam's Home

"I didn't expect you here now!" Sam was quite shocked as Angel was waiting by his doorstep. They went inside and had a conversation. "Sam, I would like to confess that I love you...

I really am!" Angel pronounced her love towards Sam, who was thunderstruck by her proposal.

Enrique was shocked by Sam talking alone to himself as he watched secretly through the creaks of the door, which was left unlocked at the other side of the wooden door.

Enrique's home

The words 'GOOGLE' appeared from the laptop's screen, reflecting it in Enrique's green eyelids. He typed in some keyword that might reveal about Sam's current psychological condition.

The result that popped up shocked Enrique.

He went out, flicked up his fancy Hippo lighter and lighted up his cigar. "Oh my god...Sam is suffering from Obsessive Love Disorder...

" Enrique thought to himself as he let out a cloud of smoke from his mouth and nose.

Enrique even tried to explain Sam's condition to Angel the following morning but she was too busy with her office work, which made him unable to reach her.

To his dismay, there's no cure for this psychological disease.

As far as Enrique found out, Sam is always imagining Angel, without being able to differentiate the reality and imagination.

And it's getting from bad to worse very rapidly.

One of the poem of Sam's suddenly lingered in his mind, which coincided with Sam's current condition.

Are you within an illusion?

Or is the illusion within you?

Do you live in the body?

Or does the body live in you?

Do you live in the dream?

Or does the dream live within you?

Does intoxication wander in you?

Or do you wander in intoxication?

Caught in the whirlpool of love that drags body and mind?

That night

Enrique, who was very concerned with Sam's condition decided to give a visit at Sam's home. He dressed up quickly and head towards Sam's home.

Sam's Home

"What the hell...!" Enrique pressed on the brake hard as he reached Sam's home.

His eyelids bulged into horror as he saw some police cars with flashing blue lights surrounding Sam's home. He quickly went out and saw a crowd outside Sam's home.

"What happened?" Enrique enquired a police officer on duty as the officer was taping the yellow coloured "Do not cross" tape around the fence.

"The owner of this house is dead...he slashed himself with a knife...the investigation is still ongoing..." the officer explained to Enrique.

In a moment of panic, Enrique started sweating heavily and was shell shocked that Sam is dead.

The Following Morning

Enrique read through the newspapers for the exact chronology of the incident and a drop of tear flowed from his eyelids as he kept reading.

It stated that work pressure was the cause of the suicide but only Enrique and the God knows the reason behind it.

After a while, he dressed up in black and prepared to leave for Sam's funeral with a bouquet of flowers.


Sam, now as a lifeless spirit and a lost body less soul, stood beside a tree looking at an old couple strolling by.

Suddenly, he caught the sight of Angel with a guy, Mike whom he had known during his office times. "This guy is a womaniser...!" Sam was alarmed by the thought of Mike being with Angel.

He quickly transited to the place where Angel was sitting and overheard her conversation.

"...Actually I rejected Sam at first...he did tried to propose to me the first day...instead I managed to get away from him...he looks like a nerd...I don't like him...

luckily he didn't propose..." Angel was telling her past experience with Sam.

" that we are together...forget the past and let's live the present!" Mike smiled and hugged Angel.

Sam, with still a love for Angel followed her everywhere she goes and now he has found a purpose that is to help Angel from Mike, which the consequences in the future might be tragic for Angel.

Enrique, who was watching Angel and Mike, waited by a dark corner wearing a mask.

He flicked upon a pocket knife and waited to stab Mike, the cause of the recent break up between Mary and him because of pure jealousy towards them.

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