Lime & Lemon - Wren
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Part two. Lime & Lemon are two citrus friends who watch over Herald Bates' garden while he's away. Interesting and funny things happen in Herald's garden from humanoid insects to talking weeds.

Lime & Lemon - Wren

Note at the end

Once upon a time in a land not that far away, there was a garden, the garden's owner, Herald Bates, was at work again, and as always Lemon and Lime were watching over the garden.

It was late afternoon and puffy grey clouds hovered in the sky, a blurred outline of the sun was visible and a slow breeze blew through the trees. "Looks like it might rain today.

Hopefully, it does the garden looks a bit dry." Lime said looking up at the sky. "But it's so cold when it rains!" Lemon whined. Lime giggled at Lemon complaining.

"Don't laugh at me!" Lemon huffed puffing out her cheeks. "I'm sorry," Lime said through small snickers. A small droplet of water splashed on Lemon's nose.

"Looks like it's starting to rain," Lime said as more droplets of water began to fall. "Then we should go inside." Lemon got up from her spot on the tree.

"Look out below!" A singing voice called. Both Lemon and Lime looked up to see a boy in a puffy light brown coat soaring down towards one of the branches.

He landed on the branch above Lemon's and looked down at her. "Do you mind if I stay here till the rain stops?" He asked with a grin. "Excuse me sir but who are you?" Lime asked.

"The names Wren nice to meet you!" He proudly exclaimed. "It's nice to meet you too Mr. Wren I'm Lemon. We don't mind if you stay here so your wings don't get wet." Lemon smiled up at Wren.

"Ah thank you, kind miss." Wren smiled as he fluttered down to her branch. "Come inside." Lemon softly smiled as she opened the door to the inside of the tree.

Wren went through the small hole in the tree. Before Lemon went inside she bid her farewell to Lime and disappeared into the hole.

Lime disappeared into the hole in his tree as the rain got heavier.

The end.

So what inspired Wren was one of my favorite anime characters Hawks(Takami Keigo).

Reason? Wren is a type of bird that is commonly seen in Britain which is where this story takes place and so just like Hawks Wren's name is what kind of bird he is.

Wren's personality and fashion sense are also based on Hawks.

Now it's the end ♪(´▽`)

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