Lime & Lemon - The boy
Lime & Lemon - The boy garden stories

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This is part one of a long series. Lime & Lemon are two citrus friends who watch over Herald Bates' garden while he's away. Interesting and funny things happen in Herald's garden from humanoid insects to talking weeds.

Lime & Lemon - The boy

Once upon a time in a land not that far away, there was a garden, the garden's owner, Herald Bates, was busy at work.

Two friends sat in two small trees that shaded the garden, one of the friends was big and yellow and the other was small and green.

The big yellow one was Lemon and the small green one is Lime, Lemon and lime were watching over the garden while Herald was away.

It was the beginning of spring and all the root and flower plants were happily playing, singing, and dancing. The garden was always so lively during the spring and summer.

Sometimes a young boy would come into the yard and tend to the garden for Herald, Herald did not have a son nor did his neighbors.

Today was one of those days that the young boy came into the yard, he watered the plants, fixed the posts that helped the tomatoes stay up,

and put some fertilizer in the dirt to help the plants grow. Lemon and Lime wondered who the boy was so they decided to ask him. "Hello, there little boy," Lemon said.

Her voice must've been too quiet as the boy did not look up. "Heeey!" Lime yelled. The boy must've heard this because he looked up. "Is someone there?" He asked. "Hello." Lime waved.

The boy was surprised to see two small humanoid fruits staring down at him from the two trees. "H-hello there." The boy nervously replied.

"I'm Lime and this is Lemon what's your name?" Lime asked. "My name is Adam. It's uh nice to meet you Lemon and Lime." Adam replied. "Nice to meet you, Adam." Lemon smiled.

"Do you know Herald?" Lime asked. "Ah yes I know Mr. Bates, I'm his nephew." Adam smiled. "So you both enjoy gardening yes?" Lemon asked.

"We share a love for gardening true but I like to grow flowers and Mr.Bates likes to grow food," Adam explained. "What kind of flowers do you grow Adam?" Lemon asked.

"I grow a lot of flowers but the ones I love to grow the most are Roses, Buttercups, and Begonias." Adam smiled. "Roses are so pretty." Lemon sighed happily. Adam chuckled.

Adam looked at his watch. "Well, I need to go." Adam stood up and dusted himself off. "Bye Adam!" Both Lemon and Lime called out as he left the yard.

The end.

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