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A day's worth every second if only they feel



It's always been me, shook awake for no reason but fear

A looming dread thicker by the day, thick enough to penetrate my dreams

Wakes me up before my alarm demands my company

So I count my breath in the threshold of a new day,

always slower than my pounding heart, oh the air I grapple

A day's worth

It's always been midnight, haunting me in my waking moment

Like a panther spying for a blindside, evoking suspense with each unheard step

I always stall, hoping the numbers that makes up a minute pass

For I only have to survive that one minute to live the day

Should I have bought an analog clock, my digital one hides my enemy

Every second

It's always been me, being the laughingstock when all I ever wanted was life

Nobody knows how close death is to me, all they know is my fear of it

I've always expected a surprise, and all that knows me would be graced by a good one

When I leave without goodbye for no cause, no cause but their negligence

If only they feel

It's always been midnight, a witness to my plea and my only wish

It knows the truth to my life's facade, a facade of love and care

Plastic love crushed by nightmares and repaired by midnight

And only midnight doesn't lie, it tells me to brace myself for the day

In the end...

A minute of truth everyday is all I ever wish for,

Until my sickness freeze my time, which I hope stops at midnight

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