Car Crash
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Time is however we perceive it


I actually forgot to press the publish button :v

(for the car crash prompt lol)

Car Crash

In my deathbed, I've found a way to stall time.

I've always yearned for more time. One hour more, one minute more, one second more. I would have sacrificed sleep if my body was strong enough.

But alas, I am human.

When my life dwindles at alarming speed, I see that time has slowed down to jog beside me

I see the glaring headlights, brimming in intensity I see the face behind the windshield, contorting in treachery

I feel the ground beneath me topple My blood flowing to my head My hair pulling me towards gravity

And I see the trees cheering me on In this windy night before pain devoured me

Ever so slowly Daring me to wish time could just move faster

But I am graced with time; To recount my regrets and negotiate with God

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