Chapter 1: Awakening
Chapter 1: Awakening series stories

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A fan interpretation of what happens next after the fallout of Hannibal: Season 3. Written by Olle Henriksson. Based on characters created by Thomas Harris.

Chapter 1: Awakening

The very first thing that came to the mind of Hannibal Lecter during the fall, was not of the fact that Jack Crawford could finally sleep well at night, alone in his bed made for two,

nor the fact that he had been lethally shot in the stomach and was about to die painfully and unimaginative, but the silent moment of perfection.

The climax of an endearing cat-and-mouse game that has most certainly kept them both on the edge of their seats, and the fall was just the wrap up of this game.

The truth of the matter is that even though Lecter survived his descend into the enormous sea, he would have been just as happy to die here, along with his friend.

Whatever happened next, however truly horrific circumstances may have lied in front of him from this moment forward didn't matter. -Because he was right about Will Graham.

And just for a glimpse before touching the surface of the water, he chuckled.

Hannibal, still stuck together with Will slams into the ocean like a bolt of lightening.

Even though he was most certainly sure both of them broke some parts of their bodies as a result of the fall, this was one rare case he hoped his companion didn't suffer worse casualties.

Lecter swam with everything in his strength to the rocky shore, noticing irresistible pain in his left shoulder along the way.

He also couldn't notice Will swimming alongside him which may have given him the answer of who actually got the most fatal blow.

When he reached the end of his incredibly uncomfortable swim in the cold sea, he once again didn't notice Will anywhere.

It also didn't help that all of this occurred during nighttime which made his field of vision considerably worse. Lecter sat on the shore in anguish.

Not just physically because of the pain in his stomach and the broken left shoulder, but because for the first time since he could remember he has dividing morals.

Lecter wants to find out what exactly happened to Will Graham after his potentially fatal blow into the sea, but he also doesn't want to spend another two,

potentially permanent isolation in Baltimore with Jack Crawford and Dr. Alana Bloom making his life a living hell.

Lecter comes to the conclusion that even though he escapes the residence of, now deceased, Francis Dolarhyde, he would most likely bleed out before being able to pay for a buss ticket.

Things may look bad for the doctor but being lethally injured doesn't require him to commit definite suicide.

And FBI and all their ranked officers is probably scouting the entire area by now for an escaped and highly dangerous mental patient.

Lecter sees his only option for possible survival and in order to ease up his curiosity, to swim back to find out what happened to his friend.

Just when he is about to swim back into the ocean and all of it's pain and suffering it would ensue, he sees a floating body,

faced down in the water not more than fifteen meters in front of him.

Lecter runs into sea and the water splashes all over his newly, somewhat dried clothes, and emerges closer and closer to the floating figure in the water.

When Hannibal is about two feet away from the body he stops, and starts walking slowly in the waist-deep water.

In Lecter's subconscious he's clearly aware this is Special Agent Will Graham's body, but he tries to avoid this notion. Lecter turns the body only to discover Will Graham.

Hannibal Lecter lets out a depressed sigh of disbelief and looks down into the ocean to see his own reflection in the water, only to smash his hand into it.

Will Graham is dead.

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