A paradise of death
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A commentary about the elusive nature of life, and its endless cycle of suffering.

A paradise of death

'Give and thou shalt receive.'

That is what is believed Jesus of Nazareth said for a multitude of people from all parts of the Mediterranean and what is recorded in the Gospel of Luke.

It is also an example of the Golden Rule; a concept thought before and after the Messiah's time by many religions and philosophies.

The maxim that life, in its nature, is sacrifice. That all things achieved must precede an act of equivalencence, so that they are in accord with the laws that rule our universe.

One might think that such a fundamental truth is unquestionable in its essence. That it is so irremediably right, that no one would argue against it and have a moral standing to support said argument.

And, while it might be right to assume such a thing, It might be also true to say that there is a terrifying fact behind what most of us see as an advice to others to live a life of frugality.

Life is sacrifice. Not just in the metaphorical sense, but in its raw, primitive form.

To live is to take another one's place in the universe for yourself. To constantly grind against others, to consume, to fight, to destroy so that we can keep the cycle of giving life undisturbed.

To love, to hate, to give and to to take; all of those things echo through the lives of countless beings, transforming them.

What gave us the right to so savagely and indiscriminately decide what to do with the lives of others?

Do we even have this right at all?

Sacrificing oneself, and causing sacrifice in return; to what end?

To where will this endless wheel of life take us?

When I think about what Jesus said while miraculously feeding thousands of people, I think of it not as a parable of selfishness, but as a warning for the endless hunger of life.

The huge stomach that consumes everything and decides how the next thing to consume will be; that our lives are trapped in its digestive tract.

That this hunger might be our downfall of downfalls.

And that maybe we should not just accept this cycle and work to end it.

To wound life itself, to create an echo so strong that it disrupts this endless cycle of sacrifice.

It might sound terrible at first, but think of all the lives we took just by simply existing. Isn't life perhaps even deadlier than death itself?

To end this cycle of death by living may be the true death. The true rest of the soul.

We humans are the only species that has the power to change its nature. It may fall unto us the responsibility to decide what to do about the burden of life.

To keep the purgatory of living intact.

Or to create a paradise of death.

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