Angel Maker and Her (Part Five)
Angel Maker and Her
(Part Five) new-kid stories

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Angel Maker and Her (Part Five)

Reese ran his fingers through his hair, perfect posture. Who does this guy think he is? Is he just ignoring me? I growled under my breath in annoyance.

"Hey," He looked at me with careless eyes and stepped closer, I backed up but ended up hitting the bench. My breathing became hard.

What does this guy think he's doing cornering me like this? I'm a grown-ass guy!

"W-what do you think you're doing!" I looked up and there he was, he bent down and placed his hands on either side of me on the back of the bench.

His breath was warm, his face just inches away from mine. He smirked and turned his head slightly to the left. My face became hot to the touch, and my breathing left my control.

"Oh, I'm sorry, Did I fluster you?" His voice became deep and rough, his eyes relaxed, looking right into mine. "Don't act like this is your territory," he said calmly.

"Have you seen yourself? Look at you I'm not even touching you and you can't handle my presence. Am I too close?" Reese inched closer to my face but we never touched.

"Answer me," He demanded quietly. He hooked his index finger and put it under my chin while resting his thumb on my lip. My body began to shake and I felt weak.

I tried to speak but the words wouldn't come out.

"How pathetic." Reese dropped his arms and tucked them back away in his pockets. He looked at me one final time then turned around and walked away. I tried to call for him but I couldn't.

What was that feeling that made my heart rush and my body hot? I watched him walk away. He acted as nothing had happened. Straight through the school doors and he was gone. No one stood outside.

The girls were gone, no one had seen it? They were just there weren't they? Did they just walk away?

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