Angel Maker and Her (Part Two)
Angel Maker and Her
(Part Two) school stories

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Angel Maker and Her (Part Two)

"There's a new kid that came today. I haven't seen him yet, but I know some other people have talked about him in class. Cassie?" Flow snapped in front of my face.

"I'm so sorry I zoned out," my voice was fairly soft. I hate to raise it. "It's okay, is everything alright sweetie?" I shook my head indicating I was.

Flow is a naturally aggressive person, she's mean to almost everyone, only nice to us girls in the friend group. "Yea, I've heard about him too. I'm hoping that I'll get a class with him.

" I smiled at her and she smiled back. "Speaking of class, we need to get you to yours, babe."

Flow walked me out of the bathroom and down the hall to English. I dropped off my bag in the classroom next to my seat then went to meet up with the girls in the hallway.

Flow, Trisha, Freeda, and Monique stood outside the door waiting for me.

Flow has natural tight curly hair that stops just past the shoulders. She wore a black tank top with black sweats, she's probably already gotten dress coded.

Trisha has that old-school 90s look with baggy clothes. Her hair is a light brown that goes just below her shoulders as well and her bangs stop just above the eyebrows.

Freeda has beautiful long blond hair that today she crimped. Not the little waves but the big. She had a jean skirt on and a loose green sweater.

The last of the girls is Monique, her long nappy hair hits her lower back. She has tight ripped jeans and a tank top on with an XL button-up shirt over her even though she wears a small.

The bell got close to ringing and I hugged everyone, and we all went to class. A Lot makes me anxious, and I try to stay away from having any issues with my anxiety, so I normally keep to myself.

The door opened quickly, and a boy walked in, baggy pants, a big black hoodie, and shaggy black hair. His hands were tucked away in his pockets. I couldn't help but stare.

He took my breath away. Everything about him just seemed... perfect. Mrs. Kettle made everyone introduce themselves, and then she sat Reese next to me.

I looked over to him, and he had his head laid down. I thought about trying to talk to him, but I couldn't. Not only that, but I just sat there and stared like a weirdo.

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